Vape Juice affecting Tanks

4 Ways Your Vape Juice Could Be Affecting Your Tank

Vaping is a great pass time and many of us have come to love our custom set ups. Big batteries, voltage meters, glass tanks, I could go on and on. The best part about vaping is the multitude of vape juice flavors you get to choose from at Vape Craft Inc. But, when you have so many flavors to choose from, how do you go about choosing which flavor is the best one? It can be a real chore sometimes and many vapers have opted to buy multiple tanks and switch out flavors from time to time and give themselves the option of variety.

Are You Using a Plastic Vape Tank?

If so, you may be subject to the brutal effects of “tank crackers.” There are vape juices on the market made with varying levels of citrus content which in turn causes the acidity to rise. Such high levels of acid in your juice will degrade the constitution of your tank over time and eventually cause it to burst. Hence, their nickname “tank crackers.” Most tanks subject to this effect are composed of plastic or polycarbonate. If you have a tank made with one of these materials, you must be careful about leaving your e juice inside the tank for extended periods of time. A good way to avoid this unwanted side effect of citrus bearing juice is by purchasing a glass tank; these won’t crack unless they are dropped. Before buying flavors like that, you need to make sure to do thorough research into the experiences others have had. If the citrus count is high, the taste may be good, but the danger is ever present and it is always best to do thorough research.

How Thick is Your Vape Juice?

The type of vape juice you choose can also have a noticeable effect on your vaping experience. When selecting your juice, make sure to select one that is compatible with your wick. If your juice is too thick, then it won’t be properly wicked and you will end up with terrible tasting burnt hits. If, on the other hand, your juice is too thin, you will end up over-saturating the wick and get juice in your mouth. Also, very gross. The key here is to select a juice with the proper viscosity. For larger tanks, chiefly sub-ohm tanks, juice with a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) content is used for maximum wick-ability.

What Flavor is Your Juice?

Those sweet, sweet flavors. We all love them, but these delicious flavors come with a distinct trade off. You will notice that some flavors are darker than others. This is because some flavors have a higher concentration of sugar in them than others have present in their makeup. This darker coloring can cause your tank and wick to become discolored much faster than a subtler flavor might. The extra sweetener will also have the compound effect of causing buildup to occur much faster. Caramelization will take place on your coil, and all that gummy residue will start to accumulate in your tank and atomizer. Having sugar in higher concentrations will surely take its toll on your tank. If you are adamant about vaping your caramel sundae juice then an easy way to prevent buildup is through regular cleaning. Rinse your wick and keep a spare tank handy. Glass and Pyrex tanks outperform plastic in both durability and cleanliness. After a few drops of ethyl alcohol on your glass tank, you can wipe it clean. Plastic tanks can sometimes absorb the residue into their surface. You will have to clean more often when vaping the darker and sweeter juices, but the added boost of flavor may be worth it!

How Long Do You Store Your Juice Inside the Tank?

Remember, nicotine degrades when exposed to oxygen. Also, the flavors in juice tend to lose their strength after a while. Ideally, you store your juice in a cool, dark, dry place for maximum preservation; however, even in optimum conditions, the longer you leave your juice sitting, the more degraded it will become. In the worse-case scenario, with plastic tanks, it can cause your tank to leak. A leaky tank can ruin your entire vape and instead of enjoying that “groovy grape” you thought would age like wine, you’re now choking on the bitter truth and buying a new vape.
There you go guys, a few free pro-tips from my life to yours. Keep vaping and stay cool!

E-Juice Myths

E-Juice Myths – Don’t Let Them Fool You – Get The Facts

These days, there are a lot of common e-juice myths out there and a lot of people do believe the myths. Unfortunately, these myths lead people astray, by negatively impacting the way that they think about electronic cigarettes and e-juices.

If you want to cut through the misconceptions and get a clearer sense of whether or not e-juices are safe, you’ll find this quick guide helpful.

    1. E-Juice is Really Dangerous(E-juice Myths Can Be Silly)

There was one study which found traces of formaldehyde in e-liquid vapor. However, this study has been debunked by many e-juice experts. The conditions for the study were very unrealistic, which means that the amount of vaping that was performed during the study was way over the top.

A normal person would never vape at such extreme levels. Therefore, he or she wouldn’t be ingesting or breathing in the amounts of formaldehyde that the study reported. At most, they’d access trace elements, and we ingest trace elements of this substance in many other ways during the course of our lives.

At present, there is no definitive study which dictates that e-juice is unsafe. The jury is still out and many people find that they feel great while they are using electronic cigarettes.

    1. E-Juice Contains Antifreeze (One of the Most Popular E-juice Myths

Antifreeze is not a component in e-juice. This common e- juice myth is out there everywhere online. However, most people realize by now that it’s just not true. What is true is that one of the components in vape liquid is found in antifreeze. However, it’s not a dangerous ingredient. It’s also found in tons of other products that we use each day. So, e-juice most definitely does not contain antifreeze.

    1. E-Juice Always Contains Nicotine

E-juice comes in versions with nicotine and versions without nicotine. When you choose the nicotine-free version, you’ll get all of the taste and rich water vapor, without the nicotine. Of course, some people love nicotine and vastly prefer to vape with e-juices that do contain this stimulant. If you want nicotine, you’ll be able to choose the right level of nicotine for your tastes

Have You Tried Vaping?

Vaping is fun. It’s a pleasurable activity and it’s also possible to vape discreetly in a range of places. If you’ve never tried it, you may just want to give it a whirl. Keep in mind that the type of juice you use can affect your vape tank(this is no myth).It’s popular all over the world and e-juices are so rich and flavorful. Now that we’ve debunked three common e-juice myths about e-juice, you’ll be ready to give this fun hobby a try!